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About San Diego Companies

San Diego Companies was originally started to provide a regional search of technology companies in the San Diego area.  By doing a location-based search, visitors could quickly find businesses located in their neighborhood.  This information could be used by people looking for a job or by consumers looking for a place to shop or find goods or services.

It has grown to become both a directory of San Diego businesses and a regional search provider.   For businesses, it provides a good way to market and promote your business.  For consumers, it is a great way to share your experience with other consumers.  This way, you can find a reputable company that provides good service or high quality merchandise.  For prospective employees, it also provides a great way to find good companies to work for.

These services are all provide free of charge.  We hope that you find our business directory useful and come back to visit us often.  We are always striving to improve this service, so we welcome your feedback.  You may use the Contact Us button on the bottom of the page to send us your comments.